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Missio Mosaic was birthed out of the apostolic ministry of Canal Street Church: A Mosaic Community. While still a young church replant, Canal Street has a legacy dating back to 1843. Dr. Page Brooks replanted the church with the vision to send out other churches and ministries across the metro area of New Orleans. Within the first 9 years of ministry, Canal Street sent out or partnered with 8 church plants. In 2012 a non-profit named The Restoration Initiative was birthed to focus on Gospel-centered community development.

Some of those church plants and replants continued to work closely together.  Over time, the ministries and the church plants realized they could do more together than separately, especially in the urban area. The Missio Mosaic was thus born to give a name to the movement of what God was already doing among these churches and ministries. 

Our ministry is very much informed by our own city context, New Orleans. New Orleans has been called a large city made up of smaller cities. Each neighborhood is distinct in its own character, people, and restaurants. The same is true of many urban areas across the world. Our passion is to see neighborhood-focused churches that, while small, can do more together through coordinated ministry, shared resources, accountability and encouragement, and shared values and DNA. 

We are driven by the Celtic missionary spirit of seeing each church as a “monastic outpost” in the middle of the culture through the models of missionary societies or religious orders. Each pastor, church, and individual lives out their vocation (or calling) in the middle of the busy city to share the Gospel in tangible ways while seeking to shape culture for Christ. While we live in the world, we are not of the world and do not shrink back from the increasing secularization. Instead, we joyfully embrace the complexities of urban, multi-cultural life drawing from ancient and contemporary models of ministry through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. 

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